Walk On Water

Balance and water walking skills combine to challenge all who step on it.

The Walk on Water’s 6 connected platforms are an exciting alternative to the Runway 20’ or can be used on its own. Turn a regular Aquapark connecting platform into a challenging race track for participants. It can be used as a stand-alone item, or can be connected to any Aquapark using the 5 D-Ring Interloc system on 2 sides, combined with our secure Vario-Lock cinch strap system.

● Capacity: 8

● Warranty: Limited 1 year

● Dimensions: 20′ x 5′ (6 m x 1,5 m)

● Height:  4″ (0,1 m)

● Min. Water Depth: 4′ (1,2 m)


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Walk On Water

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