Flipper Armvinge D2

Flipper Arm Rings, a safer option than traditional inflatable arm rings thanks to the solid eva-foam construction. The material is hygienic and soft against children’s delicate skin. All edges are specially treated to achieve the same smooth surface which is gentle to the skin and difficult for algae and dirt to stick to.
Placement of the arm rings ensures freedom of movement, while allowing children to practice body positioning for swimming. The perfect swimming aid for learning to swim and feel comfortable in the water.Available in two models:
Flipper Arm Rings: Solid eva-foam construction, full buoyancy.
Flipper D2 Arm Rings: Solid eva-foam construction with removable discs. At the early stages, two discs are used for full buoyancy and as the child increases their swimming skills, the thinner discs can be removed. The thicker discs still provides buoyancy but is a bit more challenging for the child.Availabe for children and adults, see product information above.

Product Information

Material: EVA-foam.
Children Sizes: Ø 165mm, Height: 80 mm
S Red Ø Hole: 40 mm ( 11 – 18 kg)
M Purple Ø Hole: 50 mm ( 18 – 30 kg)
L Yellow Ø Hole: 60 mm (30 – 60 kg)
Weight: 0,1 kg

Adult Sizes: Not available in D2, only full buoyancy models.
Length: 240 mm, Width: 170 mm, Height: 85 mm
S Green Ø Hole: 80 mm
L Black Ø Hole: 100 mm
Weight: 0,2 kg

Please Note: This is not a life saving devise and children should not be left without appropriate supervision in or near water.


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Flipper Armvinge D2

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