Escalade Klatrevegg 2m

Add new functionality and additional thrills to any SuperTramp.

Climbing routes, both from the water and from the trampoline, are supported with reinforced handles and oversized footsteps. Connect a Blast II launch bag at the base for jaw-dropping thrills boosted by Escalade elevation. This inspiring product makes the perfect complement to Aquaglide SuperTramp. The Escalade series is available in a challenging 6ft wall Escalade 2M and a towering 8ft wall Escalade 3m. Both options connect to our SuperTramps via the easy to use Vario- Lock cinch strap system.

● Capacity: 1

● Warranty: Limited 3 year

● Dimensions: 4’3″ x 5’1″ (1,5 m x 1,6 m)

● Height:  6’1″ (1,9 m)

● Min. Water Depth: 8′ (2,4 m)


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Escalade Klatrevegg 2m

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