Catwalk matting

Field Marking Matting

An anti-skid matting, color coded in accordance with water polo field of play (could be used as a substitute for a referees´ catwalk).
As the FINA rule requires the water polo referees´ catwalk to be 700mm above water surface, this matting is not in accordance with the FINA regulation.
An excellent substitution when there is no room on pool deck to place a catwalk

Multi-colored matting in 3 sections for men and women waterpolo competitions.
The Field Marking Matting easily converts to women field of play by simply overlapping
the mats to the correct field length.

Suitable for use at public water polo sessions
Light weight and easy roll out installation
Ensures safety thanks to the anti-slip surface
Color coded in according to Finas new water polo rules for men and/or women
Multi-colored matting: green, yellow, red, and blue
Can be used with or without Referees’ Structure Catwalk
For indoor and outdoor use
UV resistant
Easy to store


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Catwalk matting

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