Backstroke flags – Pris pr. 22m

Backstroke Pennant Flags 22 m.
Backstroke turns indicator on a nylon cord with altering 3 flags per meter rope. Durable, easy to use and made in accordance to international rules. Made from triangular shaped vinyl fabric affixed (sewn) onto a nylon rope, none of which absorbs unnecessary water. All blue flags with Malmsten logo.

Availabe Colors: Blue/Yellow, Blue/White, Red/Blue, Red//Blue/White
Offered in fix lengths: 22m – item 1816012
27m – item 1816015

Please note:
According to FINA rule the backstroke turn indicators or flagged ropes should be suspended across the pool during a backstroke competition. Placed at a minimum of 1,8 meters and a maximum 2,5 meters above the water surface from fixed standards * placed 5,0 meters from each end wall. Important also for swim practices. *Installed on backstroke posts (item 2018001) in floor anchor (item 2010010), sold separately.


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Backstroke flags – Pris pr. 22m

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